Response to Medical Call April 24, 2010

Waiting for an internal review by Toms River Township of their handling of this request.

PSNJ, Ironbound Media

Toms River Township,

This is a request for public records made under OPRA and the common law right of access. Please acknowledge receipt of this message.

Records requested:

Any and all available records including but not limited to CAD reports, CAD entries, officer reports, first responder reports, incident reports, internal Affairs reports, complaints, etc., regarding and in reference to a medical aid call on Saturday evening, April 24, 2010 involving patient Dawn C. Prendergast.

Thank you,

Ironbound Media

Cathy Dier, Toms River Township

Mrs. Ironbound: you may do an OPRA request, on the "POLICE" website.
Go to POLICE website / fill out / save & send
TRPolice will notify you.

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PSNJ, Ironbound Media

Cathy Dier,

I do not find your online OPRA request webpage reliable, convenient, nor necessary. Refusing my request by directing me to an in-house online form is not in compliance with the law.

I MAY file the request that way, but I filed it THIS way, through YOU, via THIS forum. Please attentively and immediately fulfill this request as described by forwarding my query to the police department yourself and responding appropriately.

NJ State Law and the OPRA statute do not require that I complete a form on your township's website. An OPRA request, BY LAW, cannot be denied as long as it is identified as an OPRA request and submitted to the proper municipality. In other words, if my request makes it to you, you are required by law to fulfill my request without unnecessary delay. Refusing my request by directing me to complete an arbitrary form is certainly unnecessary delay.

Please complete my request in a timely manner without further unnecessary delay. Your 7-day timeframe will start upon my initial request.

Also, this is an independent media organization, not "Mrs. Ironbound". Please be more accurate in your responses.

Ironbound Media, NJ

Gavin Rozzi left an annotation ()

Thanks for pushing back on their refusal. They have answered requests through OPRAmachine before, so there is no reason they should not respond. We are actually currently suing Monmouth County over their refusal to respond. Our attorney has called what they did in Monmouth unnecessary "bureaucratic hurdles" - that's what their in-house online form is.

I myself have a few requests that were never fulfilled by Ms. Dier, so good luck.

-- Gavin from the OPRAmachine team

PSNJ, Ironbound Media left an annotation ()

Thank you for your note.
I will be sure to stay on top of her, and make sure she complies with the law!

PSNJ, Ironbound Media

Cathy Dier,

You have had sufficient time since my initial contact to fulfill this request. Please respond forthwith.

Ironbound Media

PSNJ, Ironbound Media

Cathy Dier,

You are in violation of the law.

Respond to this OPRA request immediately or legal action will be taken against you and Toms River Township.

Ironbound Media