Recordings and Reports for Freeholder Meeting - 4/2/20

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Middlesex County should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Charlie Kratovil

Dear Middlesex County,

Under OPRA and common law right of access, please provide copies of all audio recordings and Skype reports for the telephone meeting of the Board of Chosen Freeholders held on April 2, 2020, including but not limited to summary reports, purchases reports, allocations reports, and usage reports. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Charlie Kratovil

Middlesex County OPRA Center,

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Good Afternoon:
Please be advised that the audio recording for the requested meeting is
too large to send via this portal. Please provide a direct email address
so that this file can be shared via OneDrive.
Very truly yours,

Alessandra Baldini, MPA, Esq.

Deputy County Counsel

Charlie Kratovil

Dear Middlesex County OPRA Center,

You can email it to [email address]. Thanks.

Yours sincerely,

Charlie Kratovil