Dear Mansfield Township (Warren),

This is an email request for public records under New Jersey's Open Public Records Act, and the common law right of access. The public records I am requesting are:

(1) AUDIO RECORDINGS in their native format for public records created on Saturday, January 1, 2022.
(2) All Public Records posted, distributed, or made available during the Reorganization Meeting held on Saturday, January 1, 2022.

Please acknowledge receipt of this message and send all responses to me via electronic files.

Thank you
Bill Sosis

Monica Orlando, Mansfield Township (Warren)

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Good morning Mr. Sosis:


My name is Monica Orlando, and I am the Acting Township Clerk in Mansfield
Township.  Dena passed this OPRA request to me.  Attached are the files
responsive to your request.

Your request is now closed.


Thank you,


Monica Orlando

Acting Township Clerk/CMR


Township of Mansfield

100 Port Murray Road

Port Murray, NJ 07865

(908) 689-6151 x 128