Property Deeds

Response to this request is delayed. By law, Ocean County should normally have responded promptly and by (details)

Dear Ocean County,

This is a request for public records made under OPRA and the common law right of access. I am not required to fill out an official form. Please acknowledge receipt of this message.

Records requested:

Copies of these property deeds on file:

Property Deed dated 12/20/1932, recorded 7/1933 in Deed Book 944, starting at Page 153.
Property Deed dated 2/1/1937, recorded on 2/18/37 in Deed Book 1008, starting at Page 24.
Property Deed dated 2/1/1937, recorded on 2/18/37 in Deed Book 1008, starting at Page 26.
Property Deed dated 5/1/1952 in Deed Book 1452, starting at Page 148.
Property Deed dated 5/22/1953, recorded on 5/26/53 in Deed Book 1483, starting at Page 490.
Property Deed dated 12/29/1953, recorded on 1/8/54 in Deed Book 1534, starting at Page 8
Property Deed dated 2/24/1955, recorded on 3/24/55 in Deed Book 1623, starting at Page 326.
Property Deed recorded on 3/17/1956 in Deed Book 1711, starting at Page 233.
Property Deed dated 4/16/1956, recorded on 4/30/56 in Deed Book 1720, starting at Page 227.
Property Deed dated 11/16/1961, recorded on 12/4/61 in Deed Book 2188, starting at Page 1.

Thank you and have a nice Labor Day weekend!


Dear Ocean County,

Hello. This request was filed September 4, with a response due by today. Just making sure the OPRA request got to the correct department.

Thank you,


Saviet, Kim, Ocean County


Please accept this email as receipt of your email dated September 4, 2020
seeking certain records under the Open Public Records Act.  Public Law
2020 c. 20 provides that during a period declared pursuant to the laws of
this State as a State of Emergency, public health emergency, or state of
local disaster emergency, the deadlines by which to respond to a request
for, or grant or deny access to, a government record under the Open Public
Records Act shall not apply. 


The Ocean County Clerk is fully committed to addressing the current state
of emergency and the County Clerk responsibility for processing all the
Vote by Mail Ballots for the November General Election and will make a
reasonable effort, as the circumstances permit, to respond to a request
for access to a government record as soon as possible.  However, at this
time the response cannot be fulfilled within the seven days.  We
anticipate that upon the Election Ballot processing being completed, the
County Clerk staff will be able to process your OPRA request.  That
anticipated date is estimated at November 4, 2020.


Please be advised that any documents not available online at our website,
can be viewed and copied by making an appointment for a time slot to enter
the Courthouse with Patricia Misura of the County Clerk’s Office to search
any of the documents which are not available on line.

Thank you,

Kim Saviet

Keyboarding Clerk-4 Supervisor 

Ocean County Clerk's Office 

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Toms River, NJ 08753

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