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Dear Middlesex County College,

This is a request for public records made under OPRA and the common law right of access. I am not required to fill out an official form. Please acknowledge receipt of this message.
Records requested:

I'm requesting copies of all OPRA requests from October 1, 2020 to November 20, 2020 and corresponding records.

Yours faithfully,

Daniel Han

PublicRecords, Middlesex County College

To:       Requestor of Information – Government Records


From:     Middlesex County College

Maureen Lawrence, Custodian of Government Records

2600 Woodbridge Avenue, Chambers Hall, 2^nd Floor

Edison, NJ  08818

E-mail address:  [MCC request email] 



This is an automated response in an effort to efficiently respond to
questions concerning the inspection and/or acquisition of government
records from Middlesex County College.  Should your question require a
response that falls outside of the instructions contained herein, we will
address your question accordingly.


Thank you for your request for information regarding government records. 
To assist you in expediting your request for a Government Record from
Middlesex County College, please adhere to the attached instructions and


Government records not exempt from public access, may be inspected,
examined, and copied during regular business hours at the office of the
Custodian of Government Records.  Copies may be purchased upon payment of
the reproduction fee prescribed.  Special Service Charges will be added
where the requested records are voluminous, are not in the format or
medium requested, cannot be reproduced by ordinary document copying
equipment, reproduction requires a substantial amount of manipulation, or
where extensive use of information technology is required.


To obtain a copy or to arrange an inspection of government records, an
official Government Record Request Form (GRRF) must be completely filled
out.  The official GRRF is available at the above address along with
instructions for filing your request.  If you prefer to deliver this form
anonymously, you must arrange to return to the office of the Custodian of
Government Records to pay any fees required and to receive access to the
requested documents.  A deposit is required from anonymous requestors.


Payment of the applicable Reproduction Fee and any Special Service Charges
must be made prior to release and/or access of the record by cash or
certified check only.


A statement of your right to access government records of Middlesex County
College and your right to appeal a denial of access, is set forth on the
last page of this response.





The New Jersey Public Access to Government Records Act N.J.S.A. 47:1A et,
seq. (the “Act”) requires that the College grant members of the public
access to government records as defined in the Act.  The Act safeguards
from disclosure, proprietary and private records and information.


Requests for government records may be made anonymously.


Upon payment of the applicable fee, the College is required to make
government records available within the following time periods:


Immediate access will be provided to budgets, bills, vouchers, contracts,
including collective negotiations agreements, individual employment
contracts, and public employee salary and overtime information.  Immediate
access will be provided as soon as reasonably possible following receipt
of the request if the record is not being used and is not in archive


Not Later than seven (7) business days after receiving the records
request, access will be granted or denied to all other government records
provided record is currently available, not in use and not in storage or
archived.  Failure of the Custodian of Government Records to respond
within seven business days after receiving a request is deemed a denial,
unless the requestor has elected not to provide a name, address or
telephone number, or other means of contacting the requestor, in which
case the Custodian of Government Records shall not be required to respond
until the requestor reappears before the Custodian seeking a response to
the original request.


The requestor is entitled to be advised in advance of the estimated amount
of fees and charges to be imposed by the College for the reproduction
costs and other special services requested.


Right of Appeal.  A person who is denied access to a government record by
the Custodian, at the option of the requestor, may institute a proceeding
challenging the Custodian’s decision by (1) filing a complaint with the
Government Records Council or (2) by filing an action in the Superior


An informational pamphlet produced by the Government Records Council which
explains the right of the public to access government records and the
methods for resolving disputes regarding access is available.  Assistance
may also be obtained by calling the toll-free helpline of the Government
Records Council or by logging on to that agency’s informational website.

Jeffrey Herron, Middlesex County College

Mr. Han -

We are in receipt of both of your requests. As you are likely aware, the College has been closed since Wednesday of last week due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. We will have responses to your requests by close of business on Wednesday, December 2.

Jeffrey Herron

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Jeffrey Herron, Middlesex County College

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Mr. Han -


I am attaching a table with the Requests received during the
aforementioned period and their status, along with the documents stemming
from those requests.  Please let me know if you need anything additional.


Jeffrey Herron






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