Dear Green Brook Township

RE: Open Records Request

I am requesting a List of all residential properties in your city that have had the water shut off any time between 11/30/2018 and 5/31/2019. I only need the property addresses. I do not want any customer information or reason for shut off. I authorize yo to redact confidential information in accordance with Section 182.052 of the Utilities Code.

Thank you,

Corey Beckwith


Kelly Cupit, Green Brook Township

Dear Corey,
In response to your OPRA request below, the Township does not maintain a
list of residential properties that have had their water shut off.

Thank you,
Kelly G. Cupit
Township Administrator/Municipal Clerk
The Township of Green Brook
Phone: 732-968-1023 x6601
Fax: 732-968-4088

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