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corey Beckwith made this OPRA request to South Plainfield Borough

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The request was partially successful.

corey Beckwith

RE: Open Records Request

I am requesting a List of all residential properties in your city that have had the water shut off any time between 11/1/2018 and 5/20/2019. I only need the property addresses. I do not want any customer information or reason for shut off. I authorize yo to redact confidential information in accordance with Section 182.052 of the Utilities Code.

Thank you,

Corey Beckwith


Antonides, Amy, South Plainfield Borough

Dear Mr. Beckwith,
Pursuant to your request please be advised the Borough of South Plainfield does not have any such record(s) responsive to your request. This municipality does not have a water utility.

Amy L. Antonides, RMC/CMC/CMR
Borough of South Plainfield
2480 Plainfield Avenue
South Plainfield, NJ 07080
Tel: 908-226-7606

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