Dear Brick MUA,

This is a request for public records made under OPRA and the common law right of access. I am not required to fill out an official form. Please acknowledge receipt of this message.

Records requested:

1. Permit copies of connection and termination (if applicable) to water/sewer for the seven properties below.
2. Utility billing history from 2015-present. Please include the "Utility Account Status By Account ID" printouts of payments from 2015-present for the seven properties below.


1584 Fort Street (Block 823, Lot 1)
1586 Fort Street (Block 823, Lot 5)
1587 Fort Street (Block 829, Lot 27)
1588 Fort Street (Block 823, Lot 7)
1593 Fort Street (Block 829, Lot 27)
1598 Fort Street (Block 822, Lot 3)
1599 Fort Street (Block 828, Lot 32)

Yours sincerely,


Keri-Lynn DiMatteo, Brick MUA

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We are in receipt of your OPRA request dated October 6, 2021.   Please be
advised that the records of the Brick Utilities Authority contain only
those documents related to water and sewer service.  You may want to query
the TOWNSHIP OF BRICK or BRICK FIRE DEPARMENT for information regarding
anything other than water and sewer (i.e. police reports, building
permits, trash, etc.).


With that being said, please find the attached information as per your


Please respond to this email as our proof of receipt.




Thank you.


Keri-Lynn DiMatteo, for the Custodian of Records

Executive Administrative Assistant


Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority

1551 Highway 88 West

Brick, NJ 08724-2399

732-701-4237 – Direct Line

732-458-7725 - Fax

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Dear Ms, DiMatteo,

Confirming receipt. Thank you!

Yours sincerely,