Dear Dunellen Borough,

Under OPRA and the common law right of access, please provide copies of:

1) all approved applications for long-term tax exemptions (LTTE's), including cover letter, attachments/exhibits, and other accompanying documentation, including receipt/proof of payment for the administrative review fee
2) the ordinances approving each such tax exemption and the financial agreements, including all attachments/exhibits, and other accompanying documentation, for each
3) records sufficient to show the dates and amounts of all payments in lieu of taxes (PILOT's) made in connection with each such tax exemption
4) the most recent financial statement provided by each approved urban renewal entity
5) records sufficient to show the current assessed value of each LTTE property and the date(s) that certificate(s) of occupancy were granted for each

Thank you kindly. Please don't hesitate to contact me at 732-993-9697 if you have any questions about this request.

Yours faithfully,

Charlie Kratovil

William Robins,

Please find a response to a recent OPRA request.
Be informed that though Triple C HOusing appears to have a PILOT
Agreement, it was over 10 years ago and I need to verify with the CFO if
any payments were made.
Be further informed that for the PILOT agreement and ordinance for Brudner
Redevelopment, the buildings
[1][IMG][2] 2017-03, Ordinance for Financial Agreement, Ado...
[3][IMG][4] Financial Agreement, July 13, 2017.pdf
[5][IMG][6] Triple C Housing.pdf
have been demolished but the housing not yet begun.  There are no
W. Robins, RMC


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