Dear Oaklyn Borough,

This is a request for public records made under OPRA and the common law right of access. I am not required to fill out an official form. Please acknowledge receipt of this message.
Records requested:

All properties that currently have delinquent property taxes which date back up to 2 years that include balances of upwards of $4,000.

All properties that are absentee-owned.

All properties that are deemed vacant/abandoned.

All properties with delinquent water and sewer which date back up to 1 year, this list should also include amounts of balances owed.

All properties with code violations, this list should also include the type of violation related to each particular property.

All properties currently listed with water shut-off notice.

All properties with notices of abatement.

All condemned properties.

Yours faithfully,

Raymond M.

Judy Pierce, Oaklyn Borough

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Judith  Pierce, CTC

Borough of Oaklyn

(856)858-2457 X 6003


Dear Judy,

I really appreciate your time and effort. I didn't expect such a quick response. Your amazing!

Yours sincerely,

Raymond M.

Judy Pierce, Oaklyn Borough

Thank you...That's very kind of you to say. Have a great day.

Judith Pierce, CTC
Borough of Oaklyn
(856)858-2457 X 6003

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Chris Marcucci, Oaklyn Borough

Good Morning,
     At this time there are only 2 properties in town with code
Block 10 Lot 18  - 13 Manor Ave - Fence in backyard has fallen down and
needs to be either fixed or replaced.
Block 51 Lot 19.01 - 32 W. Haddon - Gutter on side of house is falling
down, need to b fixed or replaced.
These are the only violations at this time, if you need anything else
please feel free to contact me.

Chris Marcucci

Code Enforcement Officer

Borough of Oaklyn

856-833-6018 - Office

856-831-8913 - Cell

[email address]