Dear Lakewood Township,

This is a request for public records made under OPRA and the common law right of access. I am not required to fill out an official form. Please acknowledge receipt of this message.
Records requested:

1. Maximum number of liquor licenses allowed in Lakewood Township
2. A list of owners of all liquor licenses and their contact information. Please send in pdf form.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Patel

Township Clerk, Lakewood Township

Thank you for contacting the Township. The number of licenses is in the Township Code and can be found here

The Township does not maintain a list of owners with their contact information. We just have a list of licenses which is below:

Business Name Doing Business As Name License
CB Lakewood LLC Charlie Browns Steakhouse 1514-33-018-006
Country Club Caterers, Inc. Maggies at Lakewood 1514-33-009-011
Gajanand 1008 Inc. Spirits Unlimited 1514-44-019-012
Jim Coefiled POCKET- HISTORY EbonyMaze 1514-33-024-006
Jackson Wine & Liquor, LLC Wine Depot 1514-33-035-010
Javier Perez-Hernandez POCKET 1514-33-001-011
515 River Avenue, LLC HISTORY 1514-33-010-004
Eagle Ridge Country Club 1514-33-025-011
El Oaxaqueno Banquet Hall, LLC POCKET 12.39 REQUIRED 1514-33-033-004
Entrée Wine and Bar, LLC Entrée 1514-33-034-005
Lake Terrace Manager, LLC Lake Terrace 1514-33-048-001
Lakewood Liquor Partners, LLC The Vineyard 1514-33-032-016
978 River Avenue LLC Shlomo Green 1514-33-002-008
Finnigans Lanes, LLC 1514-33-031-008
Matrix/Woodlake, LLC Woodlake Country Club 1514-33-029-006
MGAR Inc. LOL Bar & Grill 1514-32-022-010
Ocean Lanes, Inc. Ocean Lanes 1514-33-014-009
On The Grill of Lakewood, Inc. Prime 95 1514-33-049-005
TEB Equities POCKET 12.39 REQUIRED 1514-33-027-008
Rare Hospitality International, Inc. Longhorn Steakhouse #5322 1514-33-007-010
Ruby Tuesday, Inc. Ruby Tuesday 1514-33-012-007
ADI Spirits, Inc. Pine Cone Liquors 1514-44-023-005
Jay Prabhu, Inc. Rite Liquors 1514-44-013-004
Guru Management, Inc. Gerard's Liquor Store West 1514-44-003-009
Parsuns Liquors, Inc. Best Liquors of Lakewood 1514-44-004-008
S&G Associates, Inc. Lakewood Liquors 1514-44-011-011
Square Liquors, Inc. Bourbon, Scotch and Beer 1514-44-021-006
Town & Country Liquors, LLC Wine Academy Super Stores 1514-44-005-011
VADI Wines, Inc. Spirits Unlimited 1514-44-006-008
L'Chayim Liquors Inc. Wine on 9 South 1514-44-050-001
Olive Grove Ben Weber 1514-44-052-001
Manasa B. Reddy 12.39 Req. Manapri 1514-44-017-011
Lakewood Liq., LLC The Vineyard 1514-44-051-001
Jackson Wine & Liquor, LLC T/A Wine Depot 1514-44-053-001
American Legion Post #166 1514-31-036-001
Lakewood Lodge #1432 BPOE 1514-31-037-001
Student Government Club Assoc. Georgian Court University 1514-31-044-001
Parkway Lodging Realty, LLC Hilton Garden Inn of Lakewood 1514-36-047-003
Shoreline 70 Investments, Inc. Best Wester Leisure Inn 1514-36-045-004
Strand Ventures, Inc. Strand Theatre 1514-37-046-001

§ 6-3.4
License Fees; Maximum Number.

[1971 Code § 8-3.4; Ord. 10/24/85; Ord. No. 92-10; Ord. No. 95-8; Ord. No. 96-13; Ord. No. 2000-13; Ord. No. 2003-15 § 1; Ord. No. 2006-64 § 1; Ord. No. 2011-15 § 1]

The annual license fees and maximum number of licenses for the sale or distribution of alcoholic beverages in the Township shall be as follows:

Class of License

Annual License Fee

Number of Licenses

Plenary Retail Consumption



Plenary Retail Distribution



Club License

$ 150.00

The annual license fees for Plenary Retail Consumption Licenses and Plenary Retail Distribution Licenses shall be increased 20% per year until the annual fee is $2,500.

Lauren Kirkman, RMC, CMR
Township Clerk
Registrar of Vital Statistics
231 3rd Street
Lakewood, NJ 08701
Phone (732) 364-2500 ext. 5970

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