Dear Brick Township,

This is a request for public records made under OPRA and the common law right of access. I am not required to fill out an official form. Please acknowledge receipt of this message.

Records requested:

A landlord registration list (preferably via Excel) including all Rental Certificates of Occupancy issued by Brick Township from 1/1/2014-present. Please include the property address, owner name, owner address and date the rental certificate of occupancy was issued.

Yours sincerely,


Jessica Larney, Brick Township

1 Attachment

In response to your below OPRA request:

1. Landlord Registration List: The Township of Brick does not enter our Landlord Registrations into a database. They are stamped received, scanned and filed by address, nothing more. Therefore, we do not have a list and are unable to generate a list.
2. Please see attached the Rental Certificate of Occupancies from 2014-Present. This is the only format and information that the Code Enforcement Department was able to generate using their database.

This concludes your OPRA Request.


Jessica L. Larney, RMC/CMR
Assistant Municipal Clerk
Deputy Registrar of Vital Statistics

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Dear Ms. Larney,

Thank you for your explanation and for sending the available documents.

Yours sincerely,