Housing water Project

Mr Norula made this OPRA request to Trenton City

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Dear Trenton City,

This is a request for public records made under OPRA and the common law right of access. I am not required to fill out an official form. Please acknowledge receipt of this message.
Records requested:

I am requesting a list of all residential properties in your city (Trenton) that have had the water shut off any time between October 1st 2022 an October 30th 2022. I only need the property addresses. I do not want any personal information or reason for shut off. I authorize you to redact confidential information in accordance with New Jersey Law.

I am currently a student at Rutgers university and in my sociology class were required to gather records for a big class project. Please if you can reach back out with a response or direct me to where I could get this information

Yours faithfully,

Mr Norula