Charlie Kratovil

Dear Monroe Township (Middlesex),

Under OPRA and the common law right of access, please provide documents, lists, reports or statements sufficient to show the name, job title, department/division, and current hourly pay rate(s) for all employees, including but not limited to library employees, that are paid on an hourly basis as of tomorrow, Friday, April 26, 2019.

Please do not include employees who are not active as of this date. I prefer to receive the response to this request in the format of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet if at all possible, so that it can be easily sorted by the hourly pay rate. Feel free to contact me if I can be helpful in clarifying this request. Thanks very much and have a nice day.

Yours faithfully,

Charlie Kratovil

Alicia Gonzalez, Monroe Township (Middlesex)

I will be out of the office Friday, April 26, 2019. I will be returning on
Monday, April 29, 2019.  Please send all OPRA requests and questions to
Patricia Reid at [email address] or the office can be contacted at

Alicia Gonzalez, Monroe Township (Middlesex)

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Good Morning,


Please see the attached files in response to your OPRA Request received
April 26, 2019.


If you would be so kind as to replying that you have received this request
or by filling out the acknowledgment form attached so that I can close
this file. Thank you and have a great day.


Alicia Gonzalez

Records Management Coordinator

Monroe Township Clerk’s Office