Environmental Records: 2320 Arctic Avenue

Ailish R made this OPRA request to Atlantic City

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The request was successful.

Dear Atlantic City,

EnviroSure is completing a Phase I ESA at a nearby property. In that regard, we are requesting
a search of all files pertaining to the property located at 2320 Arctic Avenue, Atlantic City, Atlantic County, NJ from the 1800s to present day. Especially, underground storage tanks, environmental concerns, building permits and ownership records.

Yours faithfully,

Ailish R

Eddie Lax,

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OPRA Request – City of Atlantic City

Re: 2320 Arctic Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ

Records of:

● Underground Storage Tanks

● Environmental concerns

● Building permits

● Ownership records

Time frame: 1800s to presents


Good morning:


I am following-up on the response to the above referenced OPRA request.

Please be advised, the city’s Environmental Health Department conducted a
search of its files and nothing

was found that pertains to the information requested (underground storage
tanks and environmental concerns).

The absence of any information in a file, or the absence of a file on any
property does not indicate the

absence of underground storage tanks, contamination, or any other type of
environmental problem.


The response from the Construction Department (building permits) and Tax
Assessor’s Office (ownership records) is attached.


Thank you.



Eddie Lax

Keyboarding Clerk 4
City Clerk’s Office

City of Atlantic City

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