Dear South River Borough,

This is a request for public records made under OPRA and the common law right of access. I am not required to fill out an official form. Please acknowledge receipt of this message.
Records requested:

1. In regards to email from Michael Postorino and Jack Layne (Borough Administrator). There was a meeting set up and confirmed on 9/26/2018 between Michael Postorina, Jack Layne and Christina Sudo at 48 Washington Street in the Conference Room. Request meeting minutes; and any and all notes of meeting, documents and questions Michael Postorina had for Christina Sudo with regards to the BLS Application.

2. In addition, Michael Postorina requested a tour of the new fire house before or after the above dated meeting on 9/26/2018 and stated in his email to Borough Administrator that he wanted to provide an assessment of the location for EMS. Please provide information pertaining to his assessment he provided of the new fire house for EMS purposes. Reference email dated September 20, 2018 Subject EMS Information

3. Request for information related to email dated December 13, 2018: Request Meeting minutes, notes, documents and attendance records of EMS Meeting on 12/14/2018. between Michael Postorina and Borough officials.

4. Request records for any other EMS meeting between Michael Postorina, Jack Layne, and/or Mark Tinitigan and Christina Sudo between January 1, 2018 and January 1, 2019.

5. Request the following information regarding the Resolution: 2018-223 Dated July 16, 2018 Authorizing the MTP Group to Provide Consulting start up EMS Services for the Borough of South River.

a. Documentation showing which start up EMS Department was the consultant working on for the Borough. Resolutions/ordinances authorizing the Borough of South River to start up an EMS agency and other document pertaining to the start up EMS agency for the Borough.

6. Request information in regards to MTP Group -"Proposal" to provide professional and start up services for a Municipal EMS agency to the Borough of South River.

a. Full name of company of MTP Group
b. Full mailing address of company MTP group
c. Full address of physical business of MTP Group
d. Full business NJ license number and information
e. Any contracts signed by the Borough officials and MTP Group
f. Copies of invoices and payments to MTP Group by the Borough of South River including amount of dollars, dates, P.O numbers, Borough Budget code money allocated from.
g. MTP Groups states in proposal it will conduct a comprehensive EMS evaluation - Request the Comprehensive EMS Evaluation from MTP Group.
h. Request the "evaluation of current programs" for start up EMS from MTP Group
I. Wage and Benefits Analysis recommendations by MTP Group
j. Property, Facility and vehicle evaluations by MTP group.
k. Loss control program by MTP Group
l. Agency goals and objectives by MTP Group.
m. Agency Proposed EMS start up costs given by MTP group to the Borough of South River.
n. Start date of contract MTP Group.
o. End Date of contract for MTP Group.
p. List of cost effective EMS Services to improve patient care by MTP Group to the Borough of South River.
q. Recommended staffing levels for start up EMS given by MTP Group.
s . Recommend training by MTP Group for start up EMS.
t. Request the administrative needs to South River NJ which will allow South River to Transition into Municipal EMS System submitted by MTP Group.
u. MTP Group Certificate of insurance for their business.

7. Request all EMS/Rescue Squad Purchase Orders from January 1, 2018 thru December 31, 2018

8. Request Total municipal funds budgeted for EMS/Rescue Squad for CY2018 by the Borough of South River and total municipal funds spent for EMS.

9. Request any and all transfer of Municipal funds from the EMS/Rescue Squad budget during CY2018 dollar amounts and dates and budget codes of where money was transferred too.

10. Borough of South River Phone Bill for the Month of May 2018 for telephone (732) 254-6626 Please provide the following:

a. Face page of bill cost for month of May 2018
b. List of incoming calls - phone numbers May 2018 with dates of each call.
c. List of out going calls - phone numbers May 2018 with dates of each call.

Bill Bray, South River Borough

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Good afternoon,

Due to the large size of your request, I am not summarizing the items requested as they are listed below, I am providing you with documents or indicating when no documents exist or if the request is denied and the reason.

Items 1 - 4, no documents exist.
Item 5 - Res. 2018-233 provided.
Item 5A, 6a-6u no documents exist. (A copy of the agreement between the borough and MTP Group is attached.
Item 7 documents attached
Item 8 attached (please note that the entire municipal budget is available on our website here )
Item 9 - no such documents exist (no transfers were made)
Item 10 no documents exist. This is the South River EMS Non-Emergency phone number, The Borough does not pay this bill and therefore never receives a copy of the bill from the Squad which is an independent entity.

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Dear Bill Bray,

I've checked with the rescue squad. The phone line became a borough phone line when they became a department of the borough in 2001. They do not pay the bill for the phone. Please provide the documents requested regarding the phone line.

Dear Bill Bray,

It has been 7 days since my response. Will you be providing the documents?

Bill Bray, South River Borough

You received the response from the borough. The borough cannot provide what doesn’t exist.

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Dear Bill Bray,

I have a copy of a record from a public records search that shows that the phone line is registered to the Borough of South River, specifically to the DPW. Is there an email address I can send this proof to since I can not attach it to this OPRA request?

Bill Bray, South River Borough

You can send it to this email. However, the phone bills were checked and double checked. Please also keep in mind that unlisted phone numbers are not disclosable under OPRA. So, if this line is in fact one the borough pays for, the most you'd be likely to get is the first page that lists the costs and maybe the total number of minutes. I don't think we'd release people's phone numbers. That said, this is not a line we currently pay for but send what you have maybe we're looking in the wrong place but that is incredibly unlikely.

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