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Information Please made this OPRA request to New Jersey Department of Education

Automatic anti-spam measures are in place for this older request. Please let us know if a further response is expected or if you are having trouble responding.

The request was refused by New Jersey Department of Education.

Information Please

Dear New Jersey Department of Education,

This is a request for public records made under OPRA and the common law right of access. I am not required to fill out an official form. Please acknowledge receipt of this message.
Records requested:
All emails to and from [email address] and [email address] between 1/2018 and 12/2021

Yours faithfully,

Information Please

OPRA Custodian,

1 Attachment

Good afternoon,


Please be advised that your request, C181815, is denied as improper and
overbroad.  OPRA does not allow a blanket request for every document a
public agency has on file or a wholesale request for general information.
Gannett N.J. Partners, LP v. Cty. of Middlesex, 379 N.J. Super. 205, 212
(App. Div. 2005); MAG Entm’t, LLC v. Div. of Alcoholic Beverage Control,
375 N.J. Super. 534, 549 (App. Div. 2005); Bent v. Twp. of Stafford Police
Dep’t, 381 N.J. Super. 30, 36-37 (App. Div. 2005); Spectraserv, Inc. v.
Middlesex Cty. Utilities Auth., 416 N.J. Super. 565, 578 (App. Div. 2010);
N.J. Builders Ass’n v. N.J. Council on Affordable Hous., 390 N.J. Super.
166, 178-79 (App. Div. 2007). 


Requests for correspondence must identify the individuals or accounts to
be searched and be confined to a discrete and limited subject matter.
Burke v. Brandes, 429 N.J. Super. 169, 176–78 (App. Div. 2012).  A proper
request for email correspondence must contain “(1) the content and/or
subject of the e-mail, (2) the specific date or range of dates during
which the e-mail was transmitted or the emails were transmitted, and (3) a
valid e-mail request must identify the sender and/or the recipient
thereof[.]”  Elcavage v. West Milford Twp., GRC Complaint No. 2009-08
(Apr. 8, 2010); Bent v. Stafford Police Department, 381 N.J. Super. 30
(App. Div. 2005); N.J. Builders Ass’n v. N.J. Council on Affordable
Housing, 390 N.J. Super. 166, 180 (App. Div. 2007).


Your request is invalid under OPRA because it fails to specifically
identify the subject matter.  If you would like us to search for
correspondence, in a new OPRA request, please identify the specific
sender/recipient whose accounts you would like searched, a specific
subject matter, and a limited date range.


Attached please find a receipt indicating that your request has been



Jeannette Larkins

Records Custodian

New Jersey Department of Education

100 Riverview Plaza, Trenton, NJ – 08625

Web: [1]





CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: The information contained in this communication
from the New Jersey Department of Education is privileged and confidential
and is intended for the sole use of the persons or entities who are the
addressees. If you are not an intended recipient of this email, the
dissemination, distribution, copying or use of the information it contains
is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error,
please immediately contact the New Jersey Department of Education at (609)
376-3500 to arrange for the return of this information.


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