Civilian Review Board/Police Advisory Boards

The request was successful.

Glenn Michalowski

Dear Franklin Borough,

If your municipality has a police civilian review board, or police citizen advisory board could you please provide a copy of the ordinance/resolution that formed the board and their by-laws.

Please provide this document via e-mail either as a pdf or if the information can be found on your website, a link to the page where this information can be found.

Yours faithfully,

Glenn Michalowski

Darlene Tremont, Franklin Borough

Mr. Michalowski,

After review of our records no responsive records were found in response
to your OPRA request below. The time frame to respond to your OPRA
request is 7 business days, this response has been provided on the 1st
business day.

This concludes your OPRA request and the matter is now closed.

Darlene J. Tremont
Municipal Clerk
Borough of Franklin
46 Main Street
Franklin, NJ 07416
973-827-9280 ext. 101

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