All election results for Democratic County Committee

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Warren County should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Dear Warren County,

This is a request for public records made under OPRA and the common law right of access. I certify under penalty of perjury that I have not been convicted of a crime anywhere in the United States.

This request is in regards to the primary held on June 5th 2018,
for all election districts and/or wards in the county,
for all candidates for Democratic county committee,
both male and female,
both those on the ballot and write-ins.

For each of these candidates, please provide:

1. Municipality name,
2. Election district and/or ward,
3. Candidate name,
4. vote count, and
5. an indication of whether the candidate was a write-in or listed on the ballot.

Please provide this information in its original electronic format.

If the original electronic format does not allow its text to be easily selected and manipulated, then please provide it in a secondary format that satisfies this condition. An example alternate format is a tab-delimited text file, or spreadsheet, where each of the above five items are in its own column, with one candidate per line.

Please acknowledge receipt of this message.

Thank you.

Jeff Epstein

William Duffy, Warren County

Dear Mr. Epstein


Warren County has received your OPRA request regarding the primary held on
June 5th 2018 for all candidates for Democratic county committee, both
male and female, both those on the ballot and write-ins.


Warren County did not elect any Democratic County Committee members this
year.  Warren County Democratic County Committee is elected in odd years. 
This year the Warren County Republican Committee stood for election.


Bill Duffy Warren County Board of Election

[1][email address]

(908) 475 - 6374

This electronic message contains information which may be privileged,
confidential, or otherwise protected from disclosure.  The information
contained herein is intended for the addressee only.  If you are not  the
addressee, any disclosure, copying, distribution, or use of the contents
of this message (including any attachments) is prohibited.  If you have
received this electronic message in error, please notify the sender
immediately and destroy the original message and all copies



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Dear William Duffy,

Excellent. Thank you.

This request is concluded.

Yours sincerely,

Jeff Epstein

Public Information, Warren County

Dear Mr. Epstein,

The Warren County, NJ Public Information Department acknowledges receipt of this request for government records. Thank you for your inquiry. We noticed you sent two separate requests; at 6:19 p.m., followed by this one at 6:40 p.m. It appears the requests are identical, except your requested format changed from seeking each of the five items separated by tab, to each of the five items having their own columns, as opposed to being separated by a tab.

I forwarded this, most recent, version of your request to our Board of Elections and County Clerk's Office, assuming it superseded your first version. Please advise if there are other differences I failed to detect.

It is likely you will receive a response from the Board of Elections office in due course. Thank you and have a nice day.


Holly Luberto
Deputy Director
Warren County Public Information Dept.
Wayne Dumont, Jr. Administration Building
165 County Rt. 519 South
Belvidere, NJ 07823

908-475-6580 / 800-554-8540

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Dear Public Information,

Thank you for forwarding the request.

Apologies for the duplicate request. You may rescind one and answer the other.

Yours sincerely,

Jeff Epstein