Agreements and memorandums between Cooper's Ferry Partnership and the City of Camden.

The request was refused by Camden City.

Dear Camden City,

This is a request for public records made under OPRA and the common law right of access. Please acknowledge receipt of this message.
Records requested:

All agreements, memorandums of understanding, meeting minutes (whether public or executive session) and other email or written communications that outline, explain or layout the role of Cooper Ferry Partnership in the development and/or design and engineering of RCA
Pier Park, a 2.2-acre signature waterfront park on the Central Waterfront.
I am trying to find out what role Cooper Ferry Partnership has in the development of the RCA Pier. The RFP outlines that it is a partnership with Camden, but it also notes that CFP is actually putting the project out for proposal, managing the collection of the proposals - and appears to have had at least some input in rejecting the last proposals - and that State Greenacres money (which are public funds) are being used.
I make this request under OPRA and the common law right of access. My common law interest is that I am a citizen attempting to learn how public money is being spent or controlled by entities that may not be subject to public scrutiny.

Yours faithfully,

Patrick Duff

OPRARequest, Camden City

OPRA request received

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OPRARequest, Camden City

Good morning,

Please provide a time period in which to search our records for the desired information.
Thank you

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Dear OPRARequest,

I am not sure of the time frame because I don't know when Cooper Ferry got involved in the redevelopment. I would assume the documents I am looking for would be when they started their involvement, as I am looking for documents that outline what CFP's role is.

Yours sincerely,

Patrick Duff

OPRARequest, Camden City

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Good afternoon,


In regards to your attached OPRA request submitted on January 30^th 2018,
our Department of Finance Purchasing Bureau does not have a record of this



This concludes the City’s response to your OPRA request submitted on
 January 30^th .


Thank you,



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