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Subject: FW: Open Public Records Act request - First Amendment Videographer Information (Specified)
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Just an FYI. I'm going to request assistance from Patty Quelch on this.

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Subject: Open Public Records Act request - First Amendment Videographer Information (Specified)

Dear Monmouth County Sheriff&#39;s Office,

This is a request for public records made under OPRA and the common law right of access. Please acknowledge receipt of this message.
Records requested:

1) Any and all information and/or records generated since 3/1/2017 in reference to "First (1st) Amendment Audits", "Police Accountability", "Copwatching", "Copblocking", "Citizens Video Recording" and/or any other activities addressing persons who video-record and/or photograph local, municipal, county, state, federal, and/or military personnel and/or property for the purposes of accountability, education, and/or public awareness of law enforcement/government conduct, including but not limited to documents, emails, memos, bulletins, notices, letters, directives, "bolos", videos, slideshows, presentations, etc.

2) Any and all records and/or documents generated since 6/1/2016 referring to "Matt Tim", "POLICE STATE: NEW JERSEY", "PSNJ", "Gunnison Undercover", "Time to Change, Jersey Style", "NJ Wandering News", "Ironbound Media", and/or "ASK NJ Media Co." in reference to the above described activities.

Yours faithfully,

Time to Change- Jersey Style


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