This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Open Public Records Act request 'Requesting All open and closed permits and surveys done for 12 Amber Dr, Old Bridge since it was built in 2005.'.

Old Bridge Township
Date Received: 1/26/2023
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Old Bridge Township
Important Notice
The last page of this form contains important information related to your rights concerning government records.  Please read it carefully.
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Sujatha Bhaskara
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If you are requesting records containing personal information:  Under penalty of N.J.S.A.
2C:28-3, I certify that I HAVE NOT  been convicted of any indictable offense under the laws of
New Jersey, any other state, or the United States.
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Location: 12 Amber Drive
All open and closed building/zoning permits, and surveys for 12 Amber Drive, Old Bridge, since 2005.
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Date Printed: 1/30/2023
Printed By: Sue Nelson
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1. All government records are subject to public access under the Open Public Records Act ("OPRA"), unless
specifically exempt.
2. A request for access to a government record under OPRA must be in writing, hand-delivered, mailed,
transmitted electronically, or otherwise conveyed to the appropriate custodian. N.J.S.A. 47:1A-5.g.  The seven (7)
business day response time does not commence until the records custodian receives the request form.  If you submit
the request form to any other officer or employee of the Name of Agency, that officer or employee must either forward
the request to the appropriate custodian, or direct you to the appropriate custodian. N.J.S.A. 47:1A-5.h.     
3. Requestors may submit requests anonymously.  If you elect not to provide a name, address, or telephone
number, or other means of contact, the custodian is not required to respond until you reappear before the custodian
seeking a response to the original request.  
4. The fees for duplication of a government record in printed form are listed on the front of this form. We will
notify you of any special service charges or other additional charges authorized by State law or regulation before
processing your request. Payment shall be made by cash, check or money order payable to the Name of Agency.
5. You may be charged a 50% or other deposit when a request for copies exceeds $25. The Name of Agency
custodian will contact you and advise you of any deposit requirements.  You agree to pay the balance due upon
delivery of the records.  Anonymous requests in excess of $5.00 require a deposit of 100% of estimated fees.
6. Under OPRA, a custodian must deny access to a person who has been convicted of an indictable offense in
New Jersey, any other state, or the United States, and who is seeking government records containing personal
information pertaining to the person's victim or the victim's family.  This includes anonymous requests for said
7. By law, the Name of Agency must notify you that it grants or denies a request for access to government
records within seven (7) business days after the agency custodian of records receives the request.  If the record
requested is not currently available or is in storage, the custodian will advise you within seven (7) business days after
receipt of the request when the record can be made available and the estimated cost for reproduction. 
8. You may be denied access to a government record if your request would substantially disrupt agency
operations and the custodian is unable to reach a reasonable solution with you.
9. If the Name of Agency is unable to comply with your request for access to a government record, the custodian
will indicate the reasons for denial on the request form or other written correspondence and send you a signed and
dated copy.
10. Except as otherwise provided by law or by agreement with the requester, if the agency custodian of records
fails to respond to you within seven (7) business days of receiving a request, the failure to respond is a deemed denial
of your request.
11. If your request for access to a government record has been denied or unfilled within the seven (7) business
days required by law, you have a right to challenge the decision by the Name of Agency to deny access. At your
option, you may either institute a proceeding in the Superior Court of New Jersey or file a complaint with the
Government Records Council ("GRC") by completing the Denial of Access Complaint Form.  You may contact the
GRC by toll-free telephone at 866-850-0511, by mail at PO Box 819, Trenton, NJ, 08625, by e-mail at
[email protected], or at their web site at The Council can also answer other questions about
the law.  All questions regarding complaints filed in Superior Court should be directed to the Court Clerk in your
12. Information provided on this form may be subject to disclosure under the Open Public Records Act.
Date Printed: 1/30/2023
Printed By: Sue Nelson
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