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New Jersey Government Records Council 
What To Do If Your Request for a Record Has Been Denied 
The New Jersey Open Public Records Act (N.J.S.A. 47:1A-1 et seq.) permits a 
person who believes he or she has been illegally denied access to a public record to 
file a complaint with the Government Records Council (GRC), or file suit in Superior 
Court to challenge the decision and compel disclosure.  This poster describes the 
procedures for taking these actions. 
To file a complaint with the Government Records Council: 
•  Contact the GRC by phone at: 1-866-850-0511, by e-mail at 
xxx@xxx.xxxxx.xx.xx, or review the GRC web site at for 
information and to register your complaint. 
•  The GRC staff may be able to help resolve the problem over the phone.  If not, 
you can receive a complaint form through the mail or from the web site. 
•  When you file the written complaint, the GRC will offer you and the public agency 
non-adversarial, impartial mediation. 
•  If mediation is not agreed to or fails, the GRC will investigate the complaint.  
•  The investigation may result in findings or a formal decision by the GRC, which 
may include a hearing by the Council. 
•  In some cases, the Council can award attorneys fees or fine a records custodian 
for failing to provide records.  
•  Details of this process are available from the GRC.   
•  There is no fee to file a complaint with the GRC. 
To file a complaint in Superior Court:  
•  A requester may start a summary (expedited) lawsuit in the Superior Court.  A 
written complaint and order to show cause must be filed with the court. 
•  The court requires a $200 filing fee, and you must serve the lawsuit papers on 
the appropriate public officials. 
•  The court will schedule a hearing and resolve the dispute. 
•  If you disagree with the court’s decision, you may appeal the 
decision to the Appellate Division of Superior Court. 
•  If you are successful, you may be entitled to reasonable 
attorney fees. 
•  You may wish to consult with an attorney to learn about 
initiating and pursuing a summary lawsuit in the Superior Court. 
For more information, contact the Government Records Council toll-free at 866-850-0511 or 
PO Box 819, Trenton, New Jersey, 08625-0819