2015 Nutley Board of Commissioners Executive Session Minutes

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Nutley Citizens Community

Nutley Township,

This is a request for public records made under OPRA and the common law right of access. Please acknowledge receipt of this message.
Records requested:

* Non-Redacted 2015 Board of Commissioners Executive sessions for dates noted in minutes redacted below:

• Sept 1, 2015: Mr. Arthur Lash, Attorney at O'Toole, Fernandez, Weiner, and Van Lieu LC, briefed the Board of Commissioners on the status of the matter of [REDACTED]
• Sept 23, 2015: Mr. Inglesino briefed the Board of Commissioners with regard to the ongoing COAH litigation. He confirmed that Dr. Burchell, Rutgers University, was ill and would not be able to represent the Township. Mr. lnglesino further commented that the court granted the Township a 5 month immunity from contractor claims which was well received by the Board [REDACTED]
• October 16, 2015; Mr. David Roberts, Planner, reviewed the latest draft of the Phase I Redevelopment Plan for HLR (known as the Medical School). Mr. Roberts thanked the Board of Commissioner's for their comments and noted where he had incorporated the majority of their points. Mr. lnglesino commented that the redevelopment plan ordinance, if the Board of Commissioner's agreed, could be introduced during public session. Mr. Genitempo concurred with this view. After completing the review, the Board of Commissioner's agreed to introduce the ordinance noting that a public hearing would be held on October 27. 2015. [REDACTED]
• June 2, 2015: Mr. Genitempo advised the Board of Commissioners that John Inglesino was preparing a lawsuit required by the court’s decision regarding COAH. [REDACTED] He stated that Mr. Inglesino was representing many municipalities regarding this litigation. The Board of Commissioners agreed that it would be important for Mr. Inglesino to provide a full briefing on the litigation to the Board as soon as possible.
• July 7, 2015 – Contract Negotiations {REDACTED] Commissioner Tucci also commented that the Southside of Franklin Avenue needs a parking solution as well. Commissioner Scarpelli agreed with this comment. Commissioner Evans noted that proceeds from the subsequent sale and development [REDACTED] would provide funding for a further purchase and that this is part of a plan for an affordable parking solution on Franklin Avenue.
• July 7, 2015 - AFFORDABLE HOUSING LITIGATON LEGAL ADVICE REGARDING HOFFMAN LA ROCHE Mr. Inglesino briefed the Board of Commissioners on the status of the COAH litigation and the need to file a motion with the court to provide the Township with immunity from contractor claims. After discussion the Board of Commissioners agreed to proceed with the filing. Mr. Inglesino further commented that our municipal COAH housing unit obligation totaled 550 units. [REDACTED]

Nutley Citizens Community

Nutley Citizens Community

Dear Nutley Township,

Please advise as to status of 2015 Executive Session Minutes OPRA request.