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May 14, 2018   08:56 AM
State of New Jersey
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Government Records Request
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Request Number:  W131336
Request Status:  Filled Closed
Edward Grimes 
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PO Box 32
Division of State Police
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PO Box 7068
SP Headquarters - Bldg 15 - River Road
West Trenton, NJ 08628
609-882-2000 ext. 6584
Request Date:  April 8, 2018
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Your request for government records (# W131336) from the 
Division of State Police has been reviewed and has been 
Filled Closed.  Detailed information as to the availability of the 
documents you requested appear below and on following 
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All body cam and dash cam footage related Y

May 14, 2018   08:56 AM
State of New Jersey
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Government Records Request
Mr. Grimes,
The Division of State Police is in receipt of your OPRA request.
You will be provided a DVD containing four (4) video recordings of the incident referenced below.  All footages 
are redacted at the point where they become a criminal investigation. Criminal Investigatory Records are 
exempt from public access under the Open Public Records Act, N.J.S.A.47:1A-1, et. seq. and N. Jersey Media 
Group v. Twp. of Lyndhurst, 229 N.J. 541, 569 (2017). This disc will be mailed to the address provided. 
You will also note redactions of the above record have been made to remove personal protected information, 
such as driver's license numbers, dates of birth, individual addresses and telephone numbers, consistent with 
N.J.S.A. 47:1A-1.,additionally vehicle license plates see Court Rule 1:38-7.
Thank you for your patience as the records were gathered and reviewed.
Accordingly, your request is considered Filled Closed.
DSG Kristina Pados
New Jersey State Police
Your request for government records (# W131336) is as follows: 
All body cam and dash cam footage related to the arrest of Faye Shiendelman on 4/4/2018 on or around 
11:31pm in Gloucester Twp. This includes but is not limited to body and dash cam footage from arresting officer 
Trooper Bowker #7724 and his vehicle. We are requesting footage from all officers involved in the arrest of Ms.