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  • Public requests for information
  • Private requests for information
  • Dashboard and workflow features
  • Friendly support
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New to Professional – Batch

Make a request to multiple authorities and manage the responses.


An all-in-one OPRA toolkit for journalists, activists and campaigners

  • Keep requests and responses private while you work on your story
  • A powerful private dashboard: track and manage your FOI projects
  • A super-smart to-do list: follow the progress of your requests
  • Action alerts: know when it’s time to take the next step
  • Daily summary emails to keep your inbox clean
  • Save as draft to get back to it later
  • Pro brings a new dashboard view
  • Pro features a new request list view

Plus, all the power of OPRAmachine

OPRAmachinePro runs on New Jersey's best-known public records & transparency service

  • Up-to-date database of contact details for 930 + authorities
  • A searchable archive of NJ Open Public Records Act requests
  • Delivery verification for proof of receipt
  • A permanent, searchable, public record of your request and the responses
  • Streamlined process for requesting internal reviews


  • Make a request to multiple authorities: select authorities at the click of a button
  • Manage large volumes of responses: easily keep track of the status of each request
  • Get regular updates as the responses come in — without overwhelming your inbox
  • Batch requests allow multiple recipients of a single request
  • Batch requests are part of a new workflow
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