Unhappy about the response you got?

If ...

  • You didn't get a reply within 7 business days
  • You did not get all of the records that you requested or
  • Your request was refused, but without a reason valid under the law
  • The authority refused to release the records without a large special service fee.

... you can

  1. Ask for an internal review at the public authority.
  2. Complain to the New Jersey Government Records Council.
  3. File a lawsuit in New Jersey Superior Court.
  4. Either way, also use other means to answer your question.

1. Complaining to the Government Records Council (GRC) #

If you are unhappy with the response you received from the authority, then you can complain to the Government Records Council. To do this read Register A Denial Of Access Complaint on the GRC's website. You can fill out the form on their website and include a link to your request.

To make it easier to send the relevant information to the GRC, either include a link to your request on OPRAmachine in your complaint or print out the whole page of your request and all attachments.

A warning. There is a sizable backlog of work at the GRC, and it can take literally years to get resolution from them. If you reach this point, you should accept that you won't get the information quickly by this means. Maybe you want to help the fight to improve OPRA, or maybe getting the information slowly is still worthwhile. You can also try and get the information by other means...

3. Using other means to answer your question #

You can try persuing your problem or your research in other ways.

  • Make a new OPRA request for summary information, or for documentation relating indirectly to matters in your refused request. Ask us for ideas if you're stuck.
  • If any other public authorities or publicly owned companies are involved, then make OPRA requests to them.
  • Write to your state representative or other politician using WriteToThem and ask for their help finding the answer.