Tavistock Borough

Municipality and located in Camden County

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OPRA request -- use of force reports 2017-2019
Response by Tavistock Borough to Taeho Kim on .

Awaiting classification.

Good Morning.... The Borough of Tavistock does not have a Police Department.  Public Safety Services are through a shared service agreement.   Regar...
Unclaimed Property
Response by Tavistock Borough to Ben on .

Awaiting classification.

Good Evening  ... The Borough Of Tavistock does not have an tax surplus. Take care, Denise Denise Moules, RMC Tavistock Borough
Public Records Request
Follow up sent to Tavistock Borough by George C on .

Awaiting classification.

Thank you for your reply. Yours sincerely, George C
Good Morning .... There are no delinquent properties in the Borough of Tavistock.  Also, no properties have liens or code violations.  Have a Happy...

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