Spring Lake Heights Borough

Municipality and located in Monmouth County.

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On Mon, Jan 14, 2019, 4:23 AM ASK NJ Media Co. <[1][OPRA #3574 email] wrote: Dear Spring Lake Heights Borough, 1. "copies of email logs for the mu...
Thank you for the information. This completes my request. Yours sincerely, Anonymous07430
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Thank you for the information. This completes the request. Yours sincerely, Anonymous08750B
Employee Payroll and Pension Records
Response by Spring Lake Heights Borough to ASK NJ Media Co. on .

Partially successful.

ASK NJ Media    The record as requested does not exist. OPRA does not require the creation of a new government.  As previously stated; what I sent wa...
To Whom It May Concern In response to your Open Public Records Request, I submit the following:   I seek your police department’s Internal Affairs A...

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