Somerville Borough

Municipality and located in Somerset County

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OPRA Request Somerville Borough 7-24-2019
Response by Somerville Borough to Ela Londono on .

Partially successful.

Complaints (All Data, Tracking Number Like '18-' - 276 records) Location Name Location Address Full CPT-18-001 71 CENTRAL AVE 71 CENTRAL AVE 7...
Basic Employee Information as of July 1, 2019
Response by Somerville Borough to Charlie Kratovil on .

Partially successful.

Good afternoon Charlie,   As per your email below, please review the attached files and let me know if you need any further assistant.  Thank you...
Hi there, Joseph Clymore ([email address]) invited you to edit the folder "Time to Change Jersey Style OPRA request reponse" on Dropbox. [1]Go to...

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