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A school district and located in Monmouth County.

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Email logs for Dr. Eric Hibbs
Follow up sent to Marlboro Board of Education by J. Mull on .

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You haven't provided me any clarification on why my request varies from a similar request to the chief of police in February of 2019 and the cost yo...
Bus incident near Riley Rd.
Response by Marlboro Board of Education to Ruth Walters on .

Awaiting classification.

Hi Ms. Walters, After further review, we learned the responsive documents sent to you on May 20, 2022 associated with your OPRA request contained the...
Hello, Please see attached the documents responsive to your request. Thank you, Vincent 9/28/22, 11:02 AM Marlboro School District Mail - OPRA Req...
Employee Payroll Records
Response by Marlboro Board of Education to ASK NJ Media on .

Partially successful.

Attached is the information you requested.   If further information is needed, please let me know.   Cindy Barr-Rague School Business Administrator/...
OPRA Requests
Response by Marlboro Board of Education to ASK NJ Media on .

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