Fire & EMS Portables
Response by Lakewood FD 1 to Moshe Adest on .

Awaiting classification.

Mark, pursuant to your OPRA request a search was conducted for documents you requested and no responsive records were found. ***PLEASE NOTE OUR UPD...
January/February 2021 reports
Response by Lakewood FD 1 to Resident on .

Long overdue.

Dear Resident, This request is overly broad, there is over 460 reports during this time period. In an effort to save time please be more specific. I...
Hi! Please see attached the rest of 600 River Avenue Lakewood NJ Incident reports per your OPRA request. Pleas let me know if you need anything el...
Attorney bills
Response by Lakewood FD 1 to Mark on .


Please see additional attached documents. Sendzik & Sendzik, P.C. 1808 Route 88 Brick, New Jersey 08724 732-840-6464 732-840-0009 Fax [email add...
OPRA Requests
Follow up sent to Lakewood FD 1 by ASK NJ Media on .


I'm writing to follow up on an OPRA request that was submitted on November 20, 2017 that is overdue at this point. I requested copies of all OPRA re...

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