Lacey Township

Municipality and located in Ocean County, NJ.

The Lacey Township municipal government.

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Attached please find documents responsive to the Nov. 20th OPRA request.  Please note there are no documents relating to Item 5 of the request.   Als...
Thank you for the reply Thank you Veronica Laureigh Municipal Clerk/Administrator Township of Lacey 818 Lacey Road Forked River, NJ 08731 609-6...
CAD Report for Suspicious Person
Response by Lacey Township to Time to Change- Jersey Style on .

Partially successful.

Please find attached documents responsive to your OPRA request whereas you requested the following:  This is addressing 4 of the 5 requests.  As to i...
Police use of force reports, January - October, 2017
Response by Lacey Township to G.R. on .

Partially successful.

Gavin, Attached is your OPRA request from October 30, 2017. Thank you Lisa Monbleau Municipal Clerks Office Township of Lacey 818 Lacey Road Forked...

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