Property Deeds
Follow up sent to Hudson County by Resident on .


Hello. I am writing to check on the status of the OPRA request I filed on September 6. A response was due by September 16. I only know the clerk's off...
Please see the link below for the requested document.
Fiscal Year 2020 "Full Budget" Adopted
Response by Hudson County to Kaitlin Allsopp on .


Good Afternoon,   Please find attached 2020 Hudson County Budget.   Regards, John C. Inagaki, CMFO, CCFO Deputy Director Department of Fi...
Dear Ms. Torres,   Please see the attached documents in response to the OPRA Request dated March 26, 2020.   Sincerely, Chan-Freeholders’ Of...
Third Party Claims Administration (TPA) Services
Response by Hudson County to Suzanne Rajsteter on .

Long overdue.

To: Suzanne Rajsteter Please be advised that the Hudson County Clerk’s Office does not have any information in reference to your request. Your OPRA ...
Looking for property records
Response by Hudson County to Julie on .

Partially successful.

Hello Julie Ann, Please see the attached.   Thank you,   Michael Santopietro                                                Contract Admini...
Freeholder District 1 for Nov 6, 2018
Response by Hudson County to JJ Met on .

Partially successful.

Good Morning, Below is the breakdown of your OPRA request, followed by my findings: PLEASE PROVIDE AN EXCEL FILE OF THE REGISTERED VOTER FILE FOR THE...
Tax sale overbids that have not been redeemed
Request sent to Hudson County by Edna Diaz on .

Long overdue.

This is a request for public records made under OPRA and the common law right of access. I am not required to fill out an official form. Please ackn...
All election results for Democratic County Committee
Response by Hudson County to Jeff Epstein on .

Information not held.

Dear Mr. Epstein,     The information you are requesting can be best obtained from each municipal clerk. They supply the Hudson County Clerk's Offic...
Dear Mr. Epstein,   Thank you for reaching out to the Hudson County Clerk’s Office. In regards to your inquiry, kindly note that not all of the 12...

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