Holmdel Board of Education

A School Board and located in Monmouth County.

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Good morning: We are denying your request for the email attachment as it is an image from a district security camera. Security system recordings cons...
HIB Reports 2017-2018
Response by Holmdel Board of Education to Anonymous on .


We are replying to your OPRA request for all 2017-2018 HIB reports. Please be advised that any school HIB reports are considered student records whic...
R.F vs Holmdel Board of Education
Request to Holmdel Board of Education by Anonymous. Annotated by Gavin Rozzi on .


Dear Anonymous, Apologies for any inconvenience. A response to another OPRA request was inadvertently sent to this one. I have taken care of it and p...
 We are responding to your OPRA request dated August 8, 2018. Please be advised that the District’s central office is closed on Fridays during the su...

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