Public Worker Hourly Wages
Response by Carteret Borough to Charlie Kratovil on .

Awaiting classification.

I apologize, I forgot to attach it, please find it attached above. Very Respectfully, Jennifer K. Otero Administrative Clerk Borough of Carteret 7...
Basic Employee Information
Follow up sent to Carteret Borough by Charlie Kratovil on .

Partially successful.

I am writing once again to reiterate my request for item #5. Please advise. Thank you. Yours faithfully, Charlie Kratovil
Vendor list
Response by Carteret Borough to Dave Whiteford on .

Awaiting classification.

    From: Otero Jennifer Sent: Monday, February 04, 2019 1:00 PM To: '[email address]' <[email address]> Subject: OPRA Re: Vendor list   At...
Open Construction Permits
Response by Carteret Borough to ADRIANA ONDARZA on .


Adriana,   With regard to your OPRA requests for several properties in the Borough, I have been informed that none of the properties have liens an...
Attached are the records we have regarding your request.  if you have any future requests, please feel free to contact the Carteret Municipal Clerk’s...

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