Brick Township Bureau of Fire Safety

Municipality and located in Ocean County, NJ.

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Please see the attached correspondence responsive to your request. Thank you, Kate Sendzik Haines, Esq. Sendzik & Sendzik, P.C. 1808 Route 88 Bric...
Good morning -  After further research our office does not show any resale inspections having taken place at this property. Thank you, CONFIDENTIAL...
Records request
Follow up sent to Brick Township Bureau of Fire Safety by Resident on .


Dear Jessica Bergalowski, Confirming receipt. Thanks for your time & assistance! Yours sincerely, Resident
Incident reports/case reports
Response by Brick Township Bureau of Fire Safety to Resident on .


Good morning: I have attached the reports and narratives for items 2 and 3 of your request.  Please be advised that under N.J.S.A. 47:1A-1, sensitive...

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