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Municipality and located in Somerset County

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Hi Karen, Below I have attached a list of permits on the property. There are no permits for any oil tank removal. These are the only permits for that...
Open Permit Request 17 Crest Drive
Response by Bernardsville Borough to Linda Zotti on .

Awaiting classification.

Please see the below email and attachment from Terry Vaughn of the Construction Department pertaining to your above OPRA request.  If you have any qu...
11 Chilton St Bernardsville NJ 07924
Request sent to Bernardsville Borough by Jeanie Baker on .

Long overdue.

This is a request for public records made under OPRA and the common law right of access. I am not required to fill out an official form. Please ackn...
Police internal affairs policy
Response by Bernardsville Borough to R Lord on .


To R Lord, See below and attached regarding your request. 1. The policy employees of the Bernardsville police department are required to follow when...
Early warning system
Response by Bernardsville Borough to R Lord on .

Information not held.

To R Lord, The record does not exist. Anthony Suriano Borough Clerk
Police Facebook page
Response by Bernardsville Borough to R Lord on .


R Lord, You have a complete record of comments made on the Police Department Facebook Page.    Anthony Suriano Borough Clerk
Addresses with water-shut off
Response by Bernardsville Borough to Emanuelle Sedita on .

Awaiting classification.

Emanuelle, The Borough of Bernardsville does not have a municipal water authority, so we do not have a list of addresses of residents that have had t...
Property Information
Response by Bernardsville Borough to ADRIANA ONDARZA on .


Attached please find property cards for 11 Chilton Street, Bernardsville (Block 78, Lot 9) from the Tax Assessor’s office.   Thank you.   Cind...
Response by Bernardsville Borough to Stand4NJ on .


The Mayor and Council of the Borough of Bernardsville are volunteers and have not received a salary for any of the years listed on your request 2007-...

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