Opra request
Response by Bernards Township to corey Beckwith on .

Information not held.

Mr. Beckwith, In response to your request below, Bernards Township does not provide or have a water utility. New Jersey American Water Company provide...
Information regarding police contact
Response by Bernards Township to ASK NJ Media Co. on .

Delivery error

Your message to [Bernards Township request email] couldn't be delivered. dszabo wasn't found at bernards.org. 0100016b95d9b5ba-41a. . . Office 365 dsza...
Open Construction Permits and Oil Tank
Response by Bernards Township to ADRIANA ONDARZA on .


Adriana,   You can access a history of Construction Permits from the homepage of our website (www.bernards.org) “Online Services “Search Construct...

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