Properties that currently have delinquent taxes
Response by Beach Haven Borough to Billy Karate on .

Awaiting classification.

Good afternoon, See attached records.  Please let me know you received this email and if you would consider your request fulfilled. Have a great d...
Pension payments or contributions
Response by Beach Haven Borough to Jeffrey Ryan on .

Information not held.

Good Afternoon Mr. Ryan After a thorough search we do not have any records that fit your request. Please reply that you received this email. Have a...
Dear Mr. Timko, Please be advised the majority of our town, less 5 blocks, is a single lane town. Beach Haven proper begins between 13th and 12th Str...
Base Salaries and Title Earnings
Response by Beach Haven Borough to Kirsten Den on .

Awaiting classification.

Hello,       Attached please find the records you requested.  Redactions are social security numbers.   Please reply that you received thi...
2018 Salaries
Response by Beach Haven Borough to Steve Bauer on .


Thank you for speaking with me Mr. Rozzi.    If you have a chance please email me a summary of our conversation the other day.  I felt much better...
Police use of force reports, January - October, 2017
Follow up sent to Beach Haven Borough by G.R. on .

Partially successful.

Thank you for your response. This confirms my receipt of the records and I consider this request fulfilled. Yours sincerely, Gavin Rozzi

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