Barrington Borough

Municipality and located in Camden County

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Requested record is attached. Terry
Environmental Records
Response by Barrington Borough to Valerie Daberkoe on .


    Carol Fultano Borough of Barrington 229 Trenton Avenue Barrington, NJ 08007 856-547-0706 phone 856-547-1392 fax  
List of Properties with outstanding taxes, liens, & violations, etc.
Response by Barrington Borough to George C on .

Partially successful.

Per your OPRA request, see attached delinquent report & open liens report.     Kristy Emmett, CTC Tax/Sewer Rent Collector Payroll Clerk Tre...
Employee Payroll Records
Follow up sent to Barrington Borough by ASK NJ Media Co. on .


Thank you for your response. This confirms my receipt of the records and I consider this request fulfilled. Yours sincerely, ASK NJ Media Co.

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